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Inorganic Bromo Compound

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  1. Diphenylacetonitrile

    Diphenylacetonitrile is a form of cyclic aromatic compound used for preparing medicines that provide comfort from pain immediately. It is formulated by making the use of di-phenyl methane and acetonitrile. This medicinal compound does not possess any type of side effects. Its formulation is carried out under sealed condition to avoid any type of quality degradation.
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  2. 4 Bromo 2,2 Diphenylacetonitrile

    4 Bromo 2,2 Diphenylacetonitrile is available in the form of crystalline powder in white and light yellow color. It is the most suitable ingredient used in the formulation of various neurological antagonists. The melting point of this chemical compound is 67-69 °C and the boiling point is 160-165 °C.
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  3. N-Bromosuccinimide

    N-Bromosuccinimide is used for radical substitution and in reactions that require electrophilic addition. To formulate this chemical compound, hydrogen, bromine and sodium are added to succinimide, which is in the form of ice-water solution. Its recrystallization can be done by allowing it to pass through water at 90-95°C of temperature.
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  4. Liquid Bromine 99.5 Min

    Liquid Bromine is a halogen, widely used in industries for production of water treatment products. It is a fuming red-brown liquid. Widely used as an excellent water purifier/disinfectant, this chemical is effective in the water treatment in swimming pools and hot tubs. In addition, this chemical also controls algae and bacterial growth in industrial processes. In addition, it is also used in making dyes, fumigants and flame-proofing agents.
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  5. Hydrobromic Acid 48 % & 62 %

    Hydrobromic Acid is considered as one of the strongest mineral acids known in market. This chemical is extensively demanded for the production of inorganic bromides, especially the bromides of calcium, zinc and sodium. In addition, this chemical is also a useful reagent for generating organo-bromine compounds. Our entire stock of chemicals is formulated under the strict supervision of senior professionals using supreme quality compounds sourced from reputed vendors of market.
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  6. Diphenyl Methane

    This Diphenyl Methane is extensively used in industries for manufacturing of dyes. In addition, this chemical is also used as a solvent. Under the strict supervision of senior professionals, we formulate the entire stock using supreme quality compounds procured from reputed vendors of market. We thoroughly inspect the shelf life and composition of the chemicals on various standard parameters, prior to final dispatch in market.
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  7. 4-Bromo-2, 2-Diphenylbutyronitrile

    Having a melting point of 67 to 71 °C, 4-Bromo-2, 2-Diphenylbutyronitrile is used to treat a wide range of mental disorders and also used in the preparation of certain antagonists and pain relieving medicines. It is formulated by combing carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen atoms with bromine. This chemical compound has a stable meting and boiling point.
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  8. Diphenyl Acetonitrile

    Diphenyl Acetonitrile is a crystalline or creamy powder having fainted yellow color. It is widely used for preparing certain rubber chemicals. This chemical compound is also used in the preparation of antihistamines. It has a melting point of 71-76°C. It is formulated by the chain reaction of hydrogen and cyanide.
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