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  1. 1,3 Dibromopropane

    1,3 Dibromopropane is a type of colorless halogenated hydrocarbon and having a pleasant odor. This chemical compound can stand stand any type of environmental condition as it has stable melting and boiling point. In addition to it, this chemical has its usage in various places like cleaning of chiller plants, big machines and is also used in fire extinguishers.
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  2. 1,4-Dibromobutane

    1,4 DIBROMOBUTANE is available in powdered or crystal form and is soluble in water, organic solvents and ether. It is used in the preparation of a wide range of chemicals and in pharmaceutical industry for preparing medicines. This chemical compound is formulated by allowing the reaction of carbon and hydrogen atoms with bromine.
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  3. 2 Bromobutane

    2 Bromobutane is a colorless liquid having pleasant smell. The carbon atoms are allowed to react with bromine for formulating this chemical compound. It has an adequate boiling and melting point so that its quality do not deteriorate when exposed in different physical conditions. Also, it is used for the cleaning of big machines, chiller plants and in preparation of medicines.
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  4. 1 Bromo 3 Chloropropane

    1 Bromo 3 Chloropropane is soluble in organic solvents but not in water. It is formulated by the reaction of benzoyl peroxide with allyl chloride under adequate conditions. This chemical has a stable melting and boiling point. Furthermore, this compound is used to carry out the preparation of various chemicals and also for preparing a wide range of medicinal drugs.
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