Propionyl Bromide

Propionyl Bromide
Propionyl Bromide
Product Description

Propionyl Bromide composed by us is also known as AC1L2AXS, AC1Q23YH, 598-22-1, 307572_ALDRICH, EINECS 209-924-0, RIBFXMJCUYXJDZ-UHFFFAOYSA-, ANW-33361, Propanoyl-bromide, Propanoyl bromide. This type of compound comes with Molecular Weight of 136.9752 and Molecular Formula of C3H5BrO. It has Rotatable Bond Count of 1, H-Bond Acceptor of 1, Topological Polar Surface Area of 17.1 and MonoIsotopic Mass & Exact Mass of 135.952377 as well. Some of other properties of Propionyl Bromide comprise Heavy Atom Count of 5, Feature 3D Hydrophobe Count of 2, Covalently-Bonded Unit Count of 1, Effective Rotor Count of 1, CID Conformer Count of 4 and Conformer Sampling RMSD of 0.4.

Propionyl Bromide Specifications:

  • Cas Number : 598-22-1
  • Colour : Colourless To Pale Yellow Fumming Liquid
  • Test : Standard
  • Purity : 99 % BY G.C
  • Boiling Point : 103-104oC
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