Lithium Bromide Solution 55 %

Lithium Bromide Solution 55 %

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Provided Lithium Bromide Solution 55 % is effectively employed as a medicinal fungicide and humectants. Alongside, it is deployed like a catalyst and protein swelling agent in o-demethyation and different organic reactions. In application of brine reconstitution, our bromide solution is ideal chemical for better results. In addition, our Lithium Bromide Solution 55 % is completely odorless as well as colorless solution. This chemical has been primitively deployed as an anesthesia in medicinal applications and a replacement for salt. It has molecular weight of 86.85, which is enough stand on every customer’s requirements.

Key Features:
  • Successfully deployed in ACs
  • Functions as reagent and desiccant
  • Suitable for inorganic and organic synthesis
  • Have potassium, calcium, etc. in the solution