Ethyl Bromo Acetate

Ethyl Bromo Acetate

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We offer the top-grade Ethyl Bromo Acetate, which is also known as Acetic acid, bromo-, Ethoxycarbonylmethyl bromide, 05-36-2, Ethyl bromacetate, Antol, ETHYL 2-BROMOACETATE, ethyl ester. This type of product comes in Molecular Weight of 167.00118 as well as Molecular Formula of C4H7BrO2. It is formulated by means of etherification of bromoacetic acid along with ethyl alcohol in existence of sulfuric acid and through interaction of acetic & bromine acid in company of red phosphorus.

Accessible in uncolored liquid form, it has a pungent smell along with Boiling Point of 168.5oC, Density or specified Gravity of 1.5032 @ 20oC or 20oC and Water Division Coefficient log Kow  of 1.12 oF. Additionally, the Ethyl Bromo Acetate is soluble acetone, alcohol & benzene and has MonoIsotopic Mass of 165.962942, Exact Mass of 165.962942, Heavy Atom Count of 7 and Topological Polar Surface Area of 26.3.

Features & Specifications:

  • Colour : Colourless To Yellow Liquid
  • Density : 1.51 (W/W )
  • Melting Point : -38oC
  • Boiling Point : 158oC
  • Purity : 98% Minimum